Sky Observation Programmes

The centre has a collection of highly sophisticated telescopes ranging from 6 inches to 11 inches. We conduct Sky Observation programmes during January, February and March from 6.30pm to 8pm for general public and also on the occasions of major celestial events like eclipses, transits etc.

Summer Creativity Camps

Every year the centre organises summer creativity camps on various topics like Robotics, Design, Biology, Bioinformatics, Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Vygyana Kautukam and many more. This intends to inculcate creativity among the young gereration and aslo to provide a platform for hands on experience on various themes.

Rocket modelling session

This centre organises workshop on SThe science of Rocketry for a group of registered students. The students are taught the physics behind rocket motions, orbit and period prediction, transfer orbits and space dynamics. They are introduced to history of rockets and the basic elements of a rocket design. After this they make sample rockets which incorporates every aspect of the design.

activity photograph