Innovation Hub

“Nobody has monopoly on good ideas” -Kevin O’Leary

Great breakthrough ideas are everywhere. Imagination is a unique human capacity to envision that which does not exist, and therefore the fount of all invention and innovation.

The stunning advances in various fields of science and technology have had a profound impact on our lives in almost every sphere of activity, such as health, agriculture, communication, transportation, and defense. These advances have been driven by an ever-growing volume of exciting discoveries, largely emanating from science laboratories all over the world, and by their transformation into new products or processes that have flooded our premises.

India is a nation of geeks. Millions of Indians are in the thrall of science. Almost one in five of all medical staff in the UK and a third of all engineers in Silicon Valley is of Indian origin. Nevertheless, our competence to accommodate or cater to the aspirations of science enthusiasts within the country is still far from complacency.

Today, in a competitive environment innovation is seen as the engine for inclusive prosperity and sustainable growth. Hence we are frequently bombarded by the crucial question of how inclusive innovation initiatives can be expanded to improve the welfare of our society.

Innovation can never be an endless idea fest. But at the same time making ideas happen isn’t easy. It requires patience, determination, hard work and above all the basic infrastructure to experiment its feasibility. A promising concept might require discussion, rethinking and experimentation before it takes a robust shape.

The National Council of Science Museums has taken up the challenge to meet the requirements of budding scientists on small scale basis. The Innovation Hub at RSC, Calicut is a modest march in this direction. It will be a podium to articulate ideas and imaginations of young geeks. The Hub will create a platform to promote innovation and help those creative minds to converge their ideas into a clear focus.

Innovation Hub at RSC, Calicut:

The Hub will provide a platform to our youth to engage in innovative and creative activities. The underlying idea is to promote scientific and critical thinking and problem solving ability through hands-on activities. A laboratory equipped with moderate set of tools and scientific instruments has been setup in the Centre. This facility will be available to the registered members and will be open for students, teachers and Institution on nominal payment basis. It will be an endeavor to incubate the best ideas.


Facilities at Innovation Hub

Innovation Resource Centre:

Broadband: Internet terminals will provide access to innovation centric resources. Experienced Mentors.

Science Laboratory (Physics, Chemistry, Biology):

Facility for carrying out innovative experiments in pure and applied science and projects in a multi-disciplinary set up.

Technology Laboratory:

Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics & Microprocessor Programming, Mechanical & Electrical tools and other facility for carrying out creative and innovative projects solving real life problems and providing solutions which can be implemented.

Activities at the Innovation Hub:

Thod Fhod Jod (Break and Remake)

Members identify some gap or deficiency in an artifact. Identify alternatives to address the gap. Choose the best alternative. Makes prototype and incorporate the same in the final assembly with added modifications. Pursuing this activity, students learn to do things on their own.

Kobad se Jugad (Build from Scrap)

In our daily life, many of the identified problems can be solved by using discarded materials available with us. In this section, members will be making things using discarded materials which are mostly thrown as waste or are scarps. Further, solutions many also be implemented using low cost materials, rather than costly gadgets. This section urges the student to come up with cost effective solution to existing problems.

Idea Box

Ideas come to our mind in random. It is also a fact that the ideas are forgotten, if not recorded. In the innovation Hub there will be a box where members can write down ideas as and when they appear in their mind and drop them in the box, for pursuing it later.

Make your own Science Models/Kits

Members can convert their Idea to make their own innovative science models or Kits

Investigative Projects

Members will be given or generate their own research projects and will be having the opportunities to work under the guidance of experts/ mentors.

Projects at Innovation Hub

New ideas that are likely to benefit the society shall be encouraged. The students, after becoming members, will submit their project proposal or ideas. They can start working on the project after it is duly approved by the expert committee. Students will be required to document their daily works at the completion of each project session. Good works/projects will be posted on the website of the Centre and they may get opportunity to participate in the Science/Innovation Fairs organized by the Council or any such bodies.


School students of classes VI to XII can become Individual member for six months by paying a nominal fee of Rs. 1000/- They will be required to get the consent of their parents and need to submit two photographs. A membership card will be issued to the members. They can renew their card within 15 days of the completion of their tenure.

Membership Benefits

Access to the premises of the Innovation Space for one year

Free entry to the galleries of the Centre and Science Park.

Invitation to special educational programmes and Popular Science Lectures at RSCC

Working Hours

For Individual members

Saturdays & Sundays (Except second Saturday and National Holidays)

Morning Session: 10:30 am to 01:00 pm Afternoon Session: 02:00 pm to 04:30 pm

Schools on Prior Block Booking (Maximum 30 students only)

Monday to Friday (Except National Holidays)

Morning Session: 10:30 am to 01:00 pm

Afternoon Session: 02:00 pm to 04:30 pm

Email : rsccltinnovation@outlook.com

Face Book : https://www.facebook.com/Innovation-Hub-Calicut-903296496390711/