Get Ready To Enjoy Best Calicut beach for a Couple (2021)

There are several beaches for couples in India These beaches are the perfect places to relax and enjoy a good time with your partner.

if you are living in Calicut or an outsider and plan to visit Calicut then Calicut Beaches is the perfect place for all those people who love adventure and Beautiful beaches. These beaches are the perfect places to relax and enjoy a good time with your partner. If you want to spend a good time with your girlfriend or boyfriend then you Have to Surely Visit Calicut beaches.

Calicut Beaches are one of the romantic and quietest places, it is very popular with tourists. Beaches in Calicut are ideal for water sports. There are many activities that you can participate in during your stay at the beach with your soulmate. Some of the activities that you can enjoy with your partner are Sunset, Sunrise, fishing, boating, snorkeling, banana boat rides, water skiing, swimming, and sailing and other outdoor activities These activities are very safe as there is trained professionals present who can control the water. If you are a newly Couple then this place can prove to be very romantic for you.

These are some of the most romantic beaches for couples in Calicut, where you can spend your vacation with your Partner, like Payyoli Beach, Beypore Beach, Kappad beaches.

Payyoli Beach

If you are looking for the most beautiful beaches in Kerala then perhaps you must travel to Calicut. There are many beaches here, which are very popular among both tourists and honeymooners from all over the globe. So if you have some idea about beaches and hill stations, then this is the best place for a holiday with your Lover

There are some very good restaurants and coffee shops along the beachside, which offer local cuisines. You can easily get seafood or the local specialty food like rice and coconut patties or even homily. you can celebrate candle night dinner with your soulmate

If you are the one who loves the sea and the sun then this beach is perfect for you. You can have the best time of your life by having the best time with your partner in this place. So get ready to go on your vacation and enjoy your Holiday with your partner

Beypore Beach

The Beypore Beach is an internationally recognized beach with over one mile of the beach area. Beypore Beach is not far from Kappad Beach and Panchgani Beach and everyone can easily reach it from their respective locations in Calicut. Beypore Beach is a very small beach, which receives thousands of Couples and vacationers who come here every year.

Beypore Beach has a lot of attractions for tourists and people who love nature and the outdoors. Beypore Beach is also not just famous for its huge natural beauty of the sea, beaches, and water, but for various activities such as ayurvedic massage, canoeing, fishing, and many more.

If you are looking for a unique experience, book one of the couple’s massages at Beypore Beach. If you are planning a romantic evening with your partner then this beach is the Best Place for you

Kappad beaches

Kappad Beach is one of the most visited beaches in Kerala, which is well-known for its ideal tropical climate, picture-perfect sun-kissed beaches, and great nightlife.

Its popularity has made it a popular tourist destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. if you are beach lovers who want to enjoy some peaceful time with your partner then So you should visit this beach once in your life Kappad Beach is a very famous beach that has been a favorite among tourists and honeymooners.

If you are looking for a quiet and serene place to spend your holiday with your girlfriend and boyfriend, then you should head towards Kappad Beach. This is the longest beach in Calicut and it offers panoramic views of the surrounding scenery and the sea beyond.

The beach area is very long and you can enjoy the afternoon Sunset with your lover There are bars and restaurants located near the beach that provide food, drinks, and music. Due to which this Place becomes more romantic.

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